Friday, December 24, 2004


Somewhere, Bill O'Reilly Just Creamed His Pants

And I truly, honestly apologize for that mental image. French teenagers mug Santa Claus. And now, all the reindeer have Lojack.

Good on you for defending MTV on AmericaBlog... I guess some of those people haven't watched in a while, huh? (BTW, I loved that "unveiling" of Danny's BF, Paul... He's hot!)

Aw, thanks. But I do believe MTV should be showing more videos. Seriously; why the fuck is "Made" on at 7 AM on a Monday? If you want to make a channel devoted to teens and twentysomethings, then do so; just divorce yourself from the "music" label first, please.
Yeah, same problem with VH1... If you're lucky (or an insomniac), you might catch some videos at 4 a.m. (!). I don't know if you get MuchMusic, but I'm told they play music videos pretty much non-stop. :)

I know. Hey, maybe I should have asked for Fuze for Christmas.
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