Monday, October 30, 2006


Culture of Extinction

Okay. Raise your hand if you're actually freaking surpised if a Bush appointee doesn't give two shits about the environment. Yeah, I'm shocked, too. Still, the degree to which she doesn't give a shit about the environment is amazing:

In several instances, MacDonald wrote sarcastic comments in the margins of the documents, questioning why scientists were portraying a species' condition as so bleak. When scientists raised the possibility that a proposed road might degrade the greater sage grouse's habitat, which is scattered through 11 Western states, MacDonald wrote: "Has nothing to do with sage grouse. This belongs in a treatise on 'Why roads are bad'?"

MacDonald defends her comments by saying that the position of industry officials needs to be taken more seriously when deciding whether a species should be named endangered. Which, in a lot of cases, is like saying, "We need to open a discussion with Ayn Rand about our Meals on Wheels program."

It's official. The Bush Administration has turned into the cackling, snarling one-dimensional villains of Captain Planet, who gleefully laugh as they shit on the environment in the name of capitalism. And Teddy Roosevelt does the Twist in his grave.

Saturday, October 28, 2006


No Disintegrations

When I first stumbled upon James Lileks, I thought he was a bit of a funny guy. I flipped through excerpts of The Gallery of Regrettable Food, and found it both hilarious and disturbing. Then I found out about some of the political "screeds" he started putting up on his blog. Leonard and Chad did a good job dissecting them, but compared to the rantings of Little Green Footballs, I didn't consider them anything dangerous.

And then Matt dug up this. And now I see that James Lileks wasn't just driven rightward by 9/11, he was driven absolutely insane. I mean, read this:

I have a solution. It’s time to institute Disintegration Chambers in our major America cities....Here’s the deal. We decide what constitutes torture, and identify it as the following: insufficient air conditioning, excess air conditioning, sleep deprivation, being chained to the floor, and other forms of psychological stress. The United States is free to use these techniques against hardened terrorists. Those who disagree with the techniques sign a register that records their complaints. When the terrorist finally spills the details of a forthcoming attack, on, say, Chicago, the people who signed the register and live in Chicago are required to report to the Disintegration Chamber. Very simple. Everyone’s happy.

Isn't that the kind of thing you expect the evil dictator to say in a Hollywood movie? "If you stand for your beliefs so much, then let me see you die for them," says Lylex the Unwavering, laughing maniacally before blowing up Alderaan.

Maybe Lileks exists in a different world than I do, but here, if one's rhetorical arguments are proven to be false in a series of repeated trials, they are meant to defer, apologize, and, if their rhetorical arguments directly led to the suffering of other people, put themselves up for judgment. They are not supposed to commit mass seppuku just because you got lucky one time. And that is what scares me the most about this-- the idea that this man, who states on his blog repeatedly that he loves his family, that he loves his country, that he is a decent man, wants his ideological opponents to sign themselves up for the self-cleaning equivalent of the gas chambers because they don't agree with him.

I hope for nothing more than James Lileks waking up and realizing just what the hell he's been defending since 9/11.


Don't Rock the Boat

So, the Dixie Chicks have a movie coming out, Shut Up and Sing. As you can guess by the title, it's all about the time they said they were ashamed of Bush at a concert in London, and the ensuing storm of bullshit that ensued, which included death threats, accusations of treason. An ad for the movie has been pitched to the networks, which depicts Bush's statements on the War in Iraq, Natalie Maines's comments in London, the ensuing shitstorm, Bush's reaction, and Maines's reaction to his reaction.

And now NBC has decided to reject the ad. Why? Because it's "disparaging of President Bush." Because God knows, no one in America, especially not the majority of the population, is utterly disappointed with Bush.

Congratulations, NBC. You have officially beaten out CBS's reaction to the UCC ads when it comes to corporate bootlicking.

Thursday, October 26, 2006


Insert Clever Jersey Title Here

So. Gay marriage-- or, according to John, civil unions-- has been found warranted in New Jersey. All I can say to that is congratulations.

Well, there is one other thing I can say. I've heard people talking about how this could be a godsend to the GOP, who will flog the gay marriage issue like a Roman slave up until the election. I don't see that, though. This issue was already being flogged before the New Jersey ruling, and the Republicans are still in danger. We may see a renewed wave of bigotry, but really, I don't think this will affect things much.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Single White Bigot Seeks Same

Wow. He's everything I want in a man.

So, there's a profile on Hannity's dating website where a man talks about how his greatest desire is to kill every homosexual, liberal, Arab, and Latino in America. Sean Hannity had better explain himself, and explain very fucking fast.


And The Oscar Goes To...

This is a video Michael J. Fox made for Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill's campaign. She is for stem cell research, whereas her opponent, Jim Talent, is opposed. The ad shows just how badly Parkinson's is affecting Fox; he can barely stand still, waving from side to side as if out of control of his own body.

So, of course, he's acting. At least, that's what Rush Limbaugh thinks. Limbaugh has since apologized, but is now moving to the tack on "The Democrats are exploiting Fox's illness!" Because Limbaugh treated it with such respect when he accused Fox of exaggerating it.

And the fun part is, we've still got two weeks left until election day. Who knows what other horrendous attacks we'll see before then?

Monday, October 23, 2006


Total Social Breakdown

All right, folks. I'm going to attempt to get inside Marilyn Musgrave's head. I may need a shower after this is over.

So, a few weeks back, Marilyn Musgrave went to a summit held by the Family Research Council and claimed that gay marriage was the most important issue facing Americans today. At the time, multiple commentators swooped down upon her comments, claiming that she was so obsessed with two men marrying that he put this above things like, y'know, the War in Iraq.

Now, Musgrave is claiming that she meant that gay marriage was the most important social issue facing Americans today. Now, aside from what's a social issue and what's not, take a look at her own list of social issues:

-Internet predators
-gay marriage

Of these, she says that gay marriage is the most important. Now, as that post indicates, John's attacking her on the front of how stopping two guys from marrying is apparently more important than protecting kids from the next Mark Foley (hey, when he finds an issue, he sticks with it), but let's look at another one of those issues: abortion.

According to her Wikipedia page, Musgrave is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest. And according to her own web page, she believes that fetuses "are alive with their own personality and character inside the womb."

Which means that, by Musgrave's standards, keeping two men or two women from marrying and having their rights as a couple recognized by the federal government is more important than stopping mass murder. I can't decide whether that's better or worse than the original interpretation of her comments.


If Only My High School Were Like That

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the real reason Jack Thompson threw a shit fit over Bully.

I've heard very good things about this game. I'm not sure how much of that was counterspin to the controversy, and how much was honest excitement about the game, but I always like to support game companies that favor inclusiveness. So, I'll probably pick up a copy... once I convince my little brother to let me take the PS2 back to college on a trip home.

Sunday, October 22, 2006


It's Better When I Do It

Well, I'm glad to see that President Bush is finally taking Democratic advice that we need a timetable for withdrawal to heart. Now, let's see if he apologizes for all that "cut and run" bullshit.

Yeah, I know. I have a better chance of seeing the sun turn fuschia than I do of hearing Bush apologize for the tactics of his underlings.

Saturday, October 21, 2006


This Makes Me Happy

Something Positive is one of my favorite webcomics on the net. It's brutal, cruel, and yet hilarious and, at times, touching. When Milholland goes after a target, well, it's like a nailed baseball bat to the face. One of my favorite characters of the strip is Fred, Davan's father. Although Fred is Southern Baptist, he is fair and tolerant, and distances himself from the fools who run the mainstream church.

So, you'll have to understand, seeing Fred being tricked into entering a "Hell House" makes me very happy indeed. Let the evisceration begin!

Friday, October 20, 2006


Whassup, My African-Americans?

Y'know, nothing says "reaching out to the black voting bloc" like ads that have two black men talking about "ho" and "snuffing your seed". Oh, and which use words like "cracker."

Now, I might buy this if it were coming from someone who were actually black, because he might actually care about his community, if reaching out to it in the most inappropriate fashion ever. But seeing as it's coming from Richard Nadler, a decidedly white guy who once put out an ad where a mother says that her son's brawltastic public school "was a bit more diversity than he could handle", it becomes clear what this is all about: pulling someone's strings for a vote.

Hopefully, this won't work.


What A Good Rapist!

Ladies and gentlemen, our foreign allies (emphasis mine):

Russian leader Vladimir Putin showed his taste for sharp humour when he met Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert in Moscow Wednesday, with an apparent ironic jab at the rape allegations swirling around the country's president.

"Say hello to your president. He really surprised us...,'' Putin said to Olmert as reporters were being ushered out of the room just after the two men got down to their talks in an ornate reception room in the Kremlin.

According to the information posted on The New York Times' Web site, Putin said that Katsav "turned out to be quite a powerful man. He raped 10 women. I never expected it from him. He surprised all of us. We all envy him."

But it's all right, because Bush got a good sense of his soul. Turns out, he actually has one!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Someone Failed Their Wisdom Roll

See this? This is what a critical failure on a Perform (oratory) roll looks like:

Embattled U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum said America has avoided a second terrorist attack for five years because the “Eye of Mordor” has been drawn to Iraq instead.

Santorum used the analogy from one of his favorite books, J.R.R. Tolkien's 1950s fantasy classic “Lord of the Rings,” to put an increasingly unpopular war in Iraq into terms any school kid could easily understand.

“As the hobbits are going up Mount Doom, the Eye of Mordor is being drawn somewhere else,” Santorum said, describing the tool the evil Lord Sauron used in search of the magical ring that would consolidate his power over Middle-earth.

“It's being drawn to Iraq and it's not being drawn to the U.S.,” Santorum continued. “You know what? I want to keep it on Iraq. I don't want the Eye to come back here to the United States.”

I am a geek. I am a massive geek. I am a roleplaying, video gaming, "KHAAAAAAN!"-shouting geek. But if I were running for office, there is no fucking way I would ever compare American foreign policy to a fantasy epic. Hell, even comparing real world strategy to a work of fiction seems dubious at best.

But go ahead, Rick. Next time, tell us about how appeal to the UN was like trying to succeed at the Kobayashi Maru test.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006


I'm Foxy!

So, Mark Dybul, an openly gay man, was sworn in by Condoleeza Rice as the president's new Global AIDS Coordinator. Attending the ceremony were his partner and his partner's mother, referred to by Condi as Dybul's "mother-in-law."

As you can guess, Wildmon's folks are not pleased:

He also notes that Rice's comments defy an existing law on the books protecting traditional marriage. "So, for her to treat his partner like a spouse and treat the partner's mother as a mother-in-law, which implies a marriage between the two partners, is a violation of the spirit if not the letter of the Defense of Marriage Act," the FRC spokesman states.

Now, last I checked, the DOMA prevents legal recognition of gay marriages by the federal government, for purposes of taxation and other related benefits. But that doesn't matter, because people like Peter Sprigg are offended by the fact that anyone dare consider a gay couple to be happily married in even the most metaphorical of senses.

But here comes the real bullshit:

"We have to face the fact that putting a homosexual in charge of AIDS policy is a bit like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse," says Sprigg.

Hey, Sprigg? Let's go back in time to the '80s. Back when people like me were dealing with this disease. Back with people like me were dying from this disease. Back when we kept trying to spread the word to everyone about the need for safe sex, about closing down the bath houses, about getting tested. Back when we were begging the CDC, the White House, someone, anyone, to pay some real attention, and getting bread crumbs to feed ourselves. What were your people doing during this little crisis, Mr. Sprigg?

Oh. That's right. You were telling us that this was our just reward for a life of sin. And apparently, you haven't stopped. So if you think you have any right to tell the gay community that they are using this disease, which has claimed the lives of millions of us worldwide, then you are sorely mistaken.

Monday, October 16, 2006


In Defense of Domestic Violence?

As has been previously discussed, the constitutional amendment barring gay marriage in Ohio carries a provision that effectively bars unmarried straight men from being prosecuted for beating their partners. One man is taking advantage of that, saying that he can't be charged. Note that he doesn't say "I am innocent", or even "I am not guilty." He is saying, "I cannot be touched by the law."

Oh! And look who's coming to his side? Why, yes, it's the very people who worked for the amendment's passage! Because making any man who beats his girlfriend (or vice versa) immune from prosecution is much less important than keeping the faggots down!

The fact that Citizens for Community Values can claim any vestige of morality makes me want to puke.

Sunday, October 15, 2006


The Safe Word Is "Rumsfeld"

People like Digby have said everything I could say about Chris Shays (R-CN) claiming that Abu Ghraib was a sex ring, and not "torture."

All I'd like to interject is: I don't know what kind of fucked-up dominatrix would go so far as to pour phosphoric liquid on her sub. Then again, I don't have nearly as damaged a view of sex as Shays.


Baby's First Protest

Well, as promised, I ended up heading out to stand with others outside of Liberty Sunday in an effort to show the FRC just what we think of their politics, and to show Mitt Romney just what we think of his pandering.

I came prepared for the event with my own cheap-ass sign-- a big piece of white foamcore with "DOES THE FRC SPEAK FOR YOU, MITT?" written on both sides. Nothing much compared to the MassEquality signs, but at least I got interviewed by a BU journalism student.

When I got there... wow. I'm not big at estimating, but I'm guessing there was anywhere from 75 to 100 on both sides of the sidewalk. There was a big crowd across from the Tremont Temple, and a few protestors behind police barriers walking in a circle around in front of the temple. Over on our side, there were rabbis, priests, and theology students speaking about our rights and God's love for us. An ACLU official tore apart the FRC on the podium. We kept singing "This Little Light of Mine", trying to sing loud enough so that the people inside would hear it. I doubt we got that loud, but damn if we didn't try.

I could really go for this.

Saturday, October 14, 2006


My Word!

Peggy Noonan is shocked, shocked, I say, by the lack of "grace" in America, as embodied by the fact that liberals, as proven by all of four incidents, has much less tolerance for dissenting opinions than the right.

First of all, Peggy, the president and Congress have officially thrown habeas corpus in the toilet, and hardly anyone is saying anything about that, so fuck your little tea party concept of grace in the ass.

Second of all, according to Peggy Noonan, the student protests over the Minutemen at Columbia, Streisand cursing out an audience member, some anonymous blog commenters feeling that CBS had sullied itself by airing Brian Rohrbough's commentary, and Rosie O'Donnell arguing with Elizabeth Hasselback on The View all indicate an universal desire on the left not to capitulate to views on the right. Yes, because we all know that the right is so tolerant of outside views.

I mean, Sean Hannity never wrote a book with a subtitle that directly compares liberalism and terrorism. Michelle Malkin never called her opponents unhinged. Ann Coulter never said that Jesus himself would be against liberals, and never tried to turn her supporters on hecklers. Grover Norquist never compared a Democratic minority in the House and Senate to neutered farm animals as if it was a good thing. We all know Michael Reagen never suggested that Howard Dean be hung for treason. And we all know that Donald Rumsfeld hasn't compared people who want to set a timetable for departure from Iraq to Nazi appeasers.

Glenn Greenwald has much, much more. But next time Ms. Noonan clutches her pearls about the ungraceful stifling of dissent, she might want to look at her side of the fence first.

Friday, October 13, 2006


It Can Happen Here

Over the past few months, when the debate about the use of torture in the War on Terror has come up, a common statement by proponents of its use is that the people who are being tortured aren't American citizens. If they were, they would be protected, but they're not, so they're not. That argument may pretty much be dead now.

Jose Padilla, the alleged "Dirty Bomber" and an American citizen, has been in jail since 2002. Despite the fact that the Constitution guarantees him a right to a speedy trial, he was not indicted for three years. His was one of the first suits against the government based on the right of habeas corpus, which led to the recent detainee bill that effectively dismisses all such lawsuits.

Now, Padilla alleges that he, a citizen of the United States, was tortured during his imprisonment. Stress positions. Sleep deprivation. Being kept out of the sunlight. Not being allowed to shower. Being threatened with death. All this, and more.

Of course, this is all the testimony of an alleged terrorist. But as the detainee bill has proven, the wrongdoings of those who claim to represent America are not the works of "a few bad apples." They are endemic. I would not be surprised if Jose Padilla has, in fact, been abused by his captors.

I would be frigthened, but I would not be surprised.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Hey, At Least It Wasn't 120 Days of Sodom

It happens like clockwork. Whenever anything vaguely associated with sex, sleaze, and scandal happens in the Republican Party, someone has to raise the specter of Chappaquiddick, as if that automatically cancels out every lesser scandal on their side.

The thing is, it's horribly irrelevant. To quote John Rogers, it fails the Extrapolated Everyday Bullshit Comparison. Thirty-seven years ago, a lone Democratic Congressman, either deliberately or accidentally, contributed to the death of a female assistant, under shady circumstances that may be rooted somewhere in sex. This somehow automatically minimizes any wrongdoing related to an incident almost forty years later wherein a good number of people in Congress knew for years that one of their own was aggressively flirting (allegedly to the point of playing grab ass with a page on the House floor), and, in the course of said flirting, breaking a law that he himself had drafted, and doing jack shit until ABC broke the story after getting confirmation that most of the stuff detailed within had happened.

It's not relevant to the Foley case if, thirty years ago, the House Democrats reenacted Caligula in the middle of the night on the Senate floor using thirty male pages, gallons of chocolate sauce, and a live ostrich. It's not relevant if, two years ago, Harry Reid and his family decided to stage their own version of the Aristocrats. As long as these theoretical sexual perversions were not common knowledge to people with the power to stop this, who not only did nothing but apparently aided to actively cover it up, it is not relevant to the Foley case.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, I Guess I Know How I'm Spending My Sunday

Dear Gov. Mitt Romney:

I see you are attending an event hosted by the Family Research Council. Just so you know, the FRC believes that homosexuality is a choice. They believe that gay men are inherently promiscuous. They believe that hate crimes laws are unnecessary, and punish people for their opinions, and not for the fact that they've set out to intimidate an entire community by viciously attacking a member of said community. They believe that homosexuality is a mental illness, and that the removal of homosexuality as a mental illness from the DSM was purely a political decision. They believe that gay people should be fired from their jobs just because they are homosexuals-- indeed, they believe that giving a gay man the safety that he won't be fired from his job because he is gay is an affront to their religious liberties.

I know where you stand on gay marriage, Governor Romney. I just have to ask: do you stand for all of this, as well? Do you believe that a good portion of your constituency should not have the right to housing or a job without fear that they will be fired because of who they love? Do you believe that men should not be punished more harshly for crimes that strike not only at one man, but at an entire community? Do you believe that I, Governor Romney, and a good portion of the rest of the population of Massachusetts, are mentally ill?

Answer me. It's the least you can do.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006



Hooray. North Korea has tested a nuke. As of right now, no one knows whether or not it actually worked as advertised. For all we know, it may be a dud.

Still. North Korea has made serious advancement towards a bomb. Iran is considering going nuclear. And our administration's policy in attempting to make the world a better place... involved bombing the shit out of Iraq, turning it into Terrorland.



Yes, It's A 100% Fuckfest Here in Gayville

Alan Chambers, "ex"-gay mouthpiece, went on Fresh Air yesterday and told Terry Gross that the majority of gays don't care about equality. Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch kicked the shit out of his shoddy statistics.

Once I came out of the closet and realized how bad the world really was, I wanted equality. I wanted gay kids to learn about themselves without being picked on, either by classmates or the "moral" authorities. I wanted the right to work where I want without being fired for my sexual orientation. I wanted equal marriage. Chambers can fuck me, but I'm sure he'd find the act distasteful, and I would find it even more so.

Speaking of which, Terry Gross's major refutation of Alan Chambers was... not to refute it at all. Instead, she had a neutral commentator and a former "ex"-gay. That's "truth" for ya.

Monday, October 09, 2006



Joe Maguire, a Reuters employee, has written a book on Ann Coulter and her spew titled Brainless: The Lies and Lunacy of Ann Coulter. It looks like he may want to get started on that book career, as he's' been let go from Reuters. No one's saying why, of course, but Reuters has put out a press release emphasizing its "integrity, independence, and freedom from bias."

This is a lie. Not directly targeted at Reuters, but at the media in general. Everything has a bias these days, it seems. Everything. We can't talk about gay men being kept out of the emergency room when their partner has a heart attack because they're not technically family; if we do, then we have to have some person who thinks gay people should have no rights whatsoever to even out. We can't interview Deep Throat without asking for opinion from the men he brought down. For God's sake, we're talking about redefining torture, and few in the press say what torture is and what it isn't. And apparently, a Reuters employee can't point out what even the New York Post has: that Ann Coulter is a hacktastic, flame-baiting, bigoted low-calorie intellectual substitute.

Because God knows, we can't actually plant these goalposts.

Sunday, October 08, 2006


It's Like Memento, I Swear

"Well, my first round of comments related to Christianity and the political race made national news and resulted in my party temporarily disavowing me. So... why not try it again?"

Look, Katherine, you're a good deal of points behind your opponent. You might want to stop attacking people for their positions on a metaphysical level and actually start making cogent points.

Saturday, October 07, 2006


Sure, And They Have Regular Softball Games With the Jewish Bankers

Yup, Katie Couric is definitely living up to the reputation of Dan Rather. For God's sake. A "group of high-level gay Republican staffers" who have been covering for a known kiddie toucher. And of course, they go to Tony Perkins for an opinion, because he's such a neutral party in this mess, and don't talk to anyone who's connected to any gay groups whatsoever. Probably because they had trouble getting them to speak on air after calling up and having them laugh in their ears for ten minutes before hanging up.

Real professional, CBS. Next time, why don't you just ask David Icke for his insight into this whole mess? Hastert looks like a Reptoid to me.

Friday, October 06, 2006


Your Daily Dose of Shitheads

I apologize for the lack of updates for the past few days. I've been busy. Anyway, time for a quick look at the utter scum of the Earth.

And who better when it comes to shitheads than the Westboro Baptist Church, the members of which have just guaranteed themselves some time in the Burning Shit Pits of the Malebolge by threatening to protest the funerals of the Amish girls. And for this, Shirley Phelps-Roper will go in head first:

"Those Amish people, everyone is sitting around talking about those poor little girls — blah, blah, blah — they brought the wrath upon themselves," Phelps-Roper said, adding that the Amish "don't serve God, they serve themselves."

Fortunately, Mike Gallagher offered to give them a hour of time on his radio show on the condition that they find the last scrap of human decency left in their twisted, twisted souls and call off the protest. They did. It was the best the community could probably do outside of hiring Harrison Ford.

Speaking of things tangentially related to gayness, those pious bastions of civility, Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit and Roger L. Simon, have decided that the best way to respond to the Foley scandal is to out the kid who reported the IMs in the first place. Because it's all his fault, of course. And others think it's all the kids' fault, as they egged Foley on into sending them graphic text messages. By this logic, those sexual predators should be completely absolved from blame because it was all NBC's fault that they came looking for little girls.

And that's your daily dose of shitheads. Tune in again when someone else says something really fucking horrible.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


See BS

My, Katie Couric sure managed to restore integrity to journalism.

This country is in a moral free-fall. For over two generations, the public school system has taught in a moral vacuum, expelling God from the school and from the government, replacing him with evolution, where the strong kill the weak, without moral consequences and life has no inherent value.

We teach there are no absolutes, no right or wrong. And I assure you the murder of innocent children is always wrong, including by abortion. Abortion has diminished the value of children.

That's right, folks; taking prayer out of schools, teaching evolution, and being pro-choice all led a mentally unstable wannabe child molester to kill five Amish girls and then himself. I understand Brian Rohrbough's loss, and his anger at the fact that no one caught Harris and Klebold before Columbine happened, but for the love of Edward R. Murrow's Tar-Ridden Corpse, what kind of reporter considers this unmitigated bullshit top-of-the-line journalism?

Oh, right. Katie Couric's Happy Shiny News Hour does. According to her, since the piece got positive comments and negative comments, it was a success. Which seems to be the attitude most news networks embrace these days: as long as it appears "balanced", it's a smash hit. And Katie, while I love the fact that you're defending the right to free speech, may I add that you are, ostensibly, a journalist. And it is the job of journalists everywhere to call bullshit. And I'd certainly believe your segment on free speech would be a lot more effective if Bill Maher weren't claiming that you didn't let him use it.

I honestly believe that Ms. Couric, and many of her profession, have confused the purposes of the media in general and journalism in particular. The media exists to allow the possibility for all voices to be heard, be they left-wing, be they right-wing, be they right, be they wrong. Journalism exists to analyze the facts behind said voices, and determine which ones are telling the truth and deserve to be furthered. Journalism exists not to allow for an illusion of balance, but to call bullshit when one side or the other pulls out a real stinker. Ms. Couric has obviously failed in this regard.


The Bill Frist Plan for Victory:

Just give the fuck up.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday that the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and called for efforts to bring the Islamic militia and its supporters into the Afghan government.

The Tennessee Republican said he learned from briefings that Taliban fighters were too numerous and had too much popular support to be defeated on the battlefield.

``You need to bring them into a more transparent type of government,'' Frist said during a brief visit to a U.S. and Romanian military base in the southern Taliban stronghold of Qalat. ``And if that's accomplished, we'll be successful.''

Bill's already spinning like a top, claiming that when he said "people who call themselves the Taliban", he meant "people who like the Taliban but could go either way", but it's too late. The cat's out of the bag. We've lost. We may still be on the battlefields in Afghanistan, but in terms of intent, we've been horribly defeated.

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Mammon Always Wins

So, let me see if I've got this right: there is a bill that was passed in the House and which is heading for the Senate. This bill says that attorneys who serve clients in cases involving violations of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment cannot recover attorney's fees once the case is over. Which means that if someone sues because their religious rights are being violated, they'll have to either pony up cash or find a trial lawyer who'll work entirely pro bono.

It's very likely that this will be torn apart by the courts faster than a baby zebra on the veldt. But given recent events, this is another frightening direction for American policy.

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