Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Well, I Guess I Know How I'm Spending My Sunday

Dear Gov. Mitt Romney:

I see you are attending an event hosted by the Family Research Council. Just so you know, the FRC believes that homosexuality is a choice. They believe that gay men are inherently promiscuous. They believe that hate crimes laws are unnecessary, and punish people for their opinions, and not for the fact that they've set out to intimidate an entire community by viciously attacking a member of said community. They believe that homosexuality is a mental illness, and that the removal of homosexuality as a mental illness from the DSM was purely a political decision. They believe that gay people should be fired from their jobs just because they are homosexuals-- indeed, they believe that giving a gay man the safety that he won't be fired from his job because he is gay is an affront to their religious liberties.

I know where you stand on gay marriage, Governor Romney. I just have to ask: do you stand for all of this, as well? Do you believe that a good portion of your constituency should not have the right to housing or a job without fear that they will be fired because of who they love? Do you believe that men should not be punished more harshly for crimes that strike not only at one man, but at an entire community? Do you believe that I, Governor Romney, and a good portion of the rest of the population of Massachusetts, are mentally ill?

Answer me. It's the least you can do.

Given that the Church of Latter-Day Saints urges young gay people to go through tortorous "therapies" and pay for the pleasure, I'm not surprised.
And given that Mitt Romney has basically hinted in the past few years that all he views Massachusetts as is a stepping stone to higher office, I'm not surprised either.

But I would like to make him squirm for it. Which is why I'll be protesting outside this thing come Sunday night.
Good point.
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