Monday, October 16, 2006


In Defense of Domestic Violence?

As has been previously discussed, the constitutional amendment barring gay marriage in Ohio carries a provision that effectively bars unmarried straight men from being prosecuted for beating their partners. One man is taking advantage of that, saying that he can't be charged. Note that he doesn't say "I am innocent", or even "I am not guilty." He is saying, "I cannot be touched by the law."

Oh! And look who's coming to his side? Why, yes, it's the very people who worked for the amendment's passage! Because making any man who beats his girlfriend (or vice versa) immune from prosecution is much less important than keeping the faggots down!

The fact that Citizens for Community Values can claim any vestige of morality makes me want to puke.

Yeah... I live in Ohio, and I've pretty much been waiting for that shoe to drop ever since the amendment passed. It suck, but I've been doing what I can since it passed to inform people about how teh amendment's a bit more than "no dudes kissing" and how it needs changed, like, TWO YEARS AGO, but... slow going. Hopefully this will help, since it's such a grievous offense to, well, EVERYTHING.

(Oh, and I don't think people are "being" their partners.)
Whoops. Corrected.
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