Monday, October 30, 2006


Culture of Extinction

Okay. Raise your hand if you're actually freaking surpised if a Bush appointee doesn't give two shits about the environment. Yeah, I'm shocked, too. Still, the degree to which she doesn't give a shit about the environment is amazing:

In several instances, MacDonald wrote sarcastic comments in the margins of the documents, questioning why scientists were portraying a species' condition as so bleak. When scientists raised the possibility that a proposed road might degrade the greater sage grouse's habitat, which is scattered through 11 Western states, MacDonald wrote: "Has nothing to do with sage grouse. This belongs in a treatise on 'Why roads are bad'?"

MacDonald defends her comments by saying that the position of industry officials needs to be taken more seriously when deciding whether a species should be named endangered. Which, in a lot of cases, is like saying, "We need to open a discussion with Ayn Rand about our Meals on Wheels program."

It's official. The Bush Administration has turned into the cackling, snarling one-dimensional villains of Captain Planet, who gleefully laugh as they shit on the environment in the name of capitalism. And Teddy Roosevelt does the Twist in his grave.

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