Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Yes, It's A 100% Fuckfest Here in Gayville

Alan Chambers, "ex"-gay mouthpiece, went on Fresh Air yesterday and told Terry Gross that the majority of gays don't care about equality. Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch kicked the shit out of his shoddy statistics.

Once I came out of the closet and realized how bad the world really was, I wanted equality. I wanted gay kids to learn about themselves without being picked on, either by classmates or the "moral" authorities. I wanted the right to work where I want without being fired for my sexual orientation. I wanted equal marriage. Chambers can fuck me, but I'm sure he'd find the act distasteful, and I would find it even more so.

Speaking of which, Terry Gross's major refutation of Alan Chambers was... not to refute it at all. Instead, she had a neutral commentator and a former "ex"-gay. That's "truth" for ya.

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