Sunday, October 15, 2006


Baby's First Protest

Well, as promised, I ended up heading out to stand with others outside of Liberty Sunday in an effort to show the FRC just what we think of their politics, and to show Mitt Romney just what we think of his pandering.

I came prepared for the event with my own cheap-ass sign-- a big piece of white foamcore with "DOES THE FRC SPEAK FOR YOU, MITT?" written on both sides. Nothing much compared to the MassEquality signs, but at least I got interviewed by a BU journalism student.

When I got there... wow. I'm not big at estimating, but I'm guessing there was anywhere from 75 to 100 on both sides of the sidewalk. There was a big crowd across from the Tremont Temple, and a few protestors behind police barriers walking in a circle around in front of the temple. Over on our side, there were rabbis, priests, and theology students speaking about our rights and God's love for us. An ACLU official tore apart the FRC on the podium. We kept singing "This Little Light of Mine", trying to sing loud enough so that the people inside would hear it. I doubt we got that loud, but damn if we didn't try.

I could really go for this.

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