Tuesday, October 03, 2006


The Bill Frist Plan for Victory:

Just give the fuck up.

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist said Monday that the Afghan war against Taliban guerrillas can never be won militarily and called for efforts to bring the Islamic militia and its supporters into the Afghan government.

The Tennessee Republican said he learned from briefings that Taliban fighters were too numerous and had too much popular support to be defeated on the battlefield.

``You need to bring them into a more transparent type of government,'' Frist said during a brief visit to a U.S. and Romanian military base in the southern Taliban stronghold of Qalat. ``And if that's accomplished, we'll be successful.''

Bill's already spinning like a top, claiming that when he said "people who call themselves the Taliban", he meant "people who like the Taliban but could go either way", but it's too late. The cat's out of the bag. We've lost. We may still be on the battlefields in Afghanistan, but in terms of intent, we've been horribly defeated.

He's appeasing the T-T-Terrorists, ain't he! Lest we forget, yonder back was Doctor Bill Frist, watching thirty seconds of Terri Schiavo "video" and judging her to be lucid, conscious, all there, communicative, warm, friendly, hungry--well, you get the gist.
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