Monday, October 23, 2006


Total Social Breakdown

All right, folks. I'm going to attempt to get inside Marilyn Musgrave's head. I may need a shower after this is over.

So, a few weeks back, Marilyn Musgrave went to a summit held by the Family Research Council and claimed that gay marriage was the most important issue facing Americans today. At the time, multiple commentators swooped down upon her comments, claiming that she was so obsessed with two men marrying that he put this above things like, y'know, the War in Iraq.

Now, Musgrave is claiming that she meant that gay marriage was the most important social issue facing Americans today. Now, aside from what's a social issue and what's not, take a look at her own list of social issues:

-Internet predators
-gay marriage

Of these, she says that gay marriage is the most important. Now, as that post indicates, John's attacking her on the front of how stopping two guys from marrying is apparently more important than protecting kids from the next Mark Foley (hey, when he finds an issue, he sticks with it), but let's look at another one of those issues: abortion.

According to her Wikipedia page, Musgrave is opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest. And according to her own web page, she believes that fetuses "are alive with their own personality and character inside the womb."

Which means that, by Musgrave's standards, keeping two men or two women from marrying and having their rights as a couple recognized by the federal government is more important than stopping mass murder. I can't decide whether that's better or worse than the original interpretation of her comments.

Not to mention it's a well-known fact that no gay man has ever gotten an abortion. These conservative motherfuckers are never happy!
Let's face it; if we could get abortions and farted flag-devouring flames, we'd be the perfect targets.
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