Monday, January 24, 2005


And Again...

Like cockroaches, Keith Richards, and Paris Hilton's sex drive, the FMA will not die.

And I don't see why people like Allard and Frist can't rub two brain cells together and realize they're dealing with a dead bill. It didn't pass when the "executive fiat" in San Francisco made "everyone" "fear" the dirty queers. It didn't pass after Missouri and Louisiana both went ahead and said they didn't like gay people getting married. And, short of a conservative Christian takeover or conclusive proof that gay marriage causes cancer, it most likely won't. Hopefully, this will be the time it finally gets through everyone's skulls that purely social causes don't work well in the Constitution.

UPDATE: Okay, forget what I said about Frist leaping upon it like a wild dog. Even though he endorses the bill, he's apparently keeping it on the DL. That not-so-magnificient bastard.

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