Tuesday, January 18, 2005


Bring Me the Head of Brian Graden

Yes, I know, he's one of the tribe, but seriously, how can you say, while introducing 3 new reality shows, that you "aren't concerned" about oversaturation? Oh, yeah, like this:

"Each show has its own characters," Brian Graden, MTV Networks Music Group president of entertainment, said Friday at the Universal City Hilton. "You don't compare 'The Cosby Show' with 'My Wife & Kids.' It's a format, but it's about people, and as long as there are interesting people and each has its own dynamic, we'll keep doing (these types of shows)."

Yeah! Because there's... well, there are the subjects on True Life, Made, and the various dating shows, who disappear after one episode... um, and the Simpsons, or the Osbournes, or the famewhore family du jour... oh, and there's the sluts on The Real World, and the other sluts on Road Rules...

This is just fucking tragic.

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