Wednesday, January 19, 2005


Dear Penthouse, I Was Surprised to Find Myself in a Prison Cell With Three Lesbians...

Oh, like you wouldn't have made that joke if you were in my shoes. Concerned Women for America has published a letter from a grandmother arrested for taking part in the Repent America protests. And... well, "Letter from a Birmingham Jail", it ain't. And, I'd hate to say it, but a grandmother calling on God to protect her from women is somewhat like calling on God to turn the light green. It's probably gonna happen. And I love the fact that after these girls treat her with kindness, she's still like, "Depravity! Yuck!"

Still. I honestly don't think this woman knew what she was getting into. Someone should face responsibility for what happened at Outfest, but I think this woman just thought she'd be standing off to the side, holding a sign, preaching the so-called "good news." If anyone's responsible, it's Marcavage and whoever started the movement to push through the crowd. Not people like her.

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