Wednesday, January 12, 2005


Goooo, Infidels!

The first thing we'll do, let's kill all the really sleazy lawyers:

Defence attorney Guy Womack insisted a tether is a "valid tool", and denied that the photos depicted real abuse.

He compared pictures of naked Iraqi prisoners in a human pyramid to cheerleaders at US sports events, who form pyramids "all over America".

"Is that torture?" he asked, opening Spc Graner's defence on Monday.

Let's see: Do they have clothes on? No. Are they holding pom-poms and wearing matching sweater vests? No. Are they being laughed at by American soldiers? Yes. Hmm... yeah, I'd say that's torture.

Guy is obviously a clear-minded man. He should be forced to appear at his confirmation hearing naked and take questions from a German Shepard.
Yeah, there are just some legal defenses where you wish the judge would say, "Bailiff, please pimp-slap the counsel for the defense."
"Lawyers are idealists who have gone retarded."
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