Monday, January 17, 2005


He Had a Dream

Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. The man had a dream, we all know that: that white kids and black kids could live and play together, without laws, school boards, or ideologies getting in the way. To some end, that has been accomplished.

But he had other dreams. He was stridently anti-war, seeing the potential negative effects of the Vietnam War before many others did. Depending on who you listen to, he may or may not have supported full rights for gay people... but, seeing as he had Bayard Rustin and James Baldwin as close affiliates, you can guess which side I'm leaning towards.

Then there's King's most famous dream. Even though it has been mainly accomplished, to some end, something sneaks through. When a man in Tulia, Texas, gets fifty black people arrested on no evidence whatsoever, King's dream is broken. When a policeman shoots a black man full of lead just because he's reaching for his wallet, King's dream is broken.

We've come a long way. But we still have farther to go. Thank you for leading the way , Dr. King.

Well said. BTW, a guest blogger covered the perjury trial of Tom Coleman last week, the cop in the Tulia case. That coverage is here. Best,
Thanks for the link. I hope that pitiful fuckstick learns long and hard what it really means to be in prison.
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