Tuesday, January 18, 2005


He Who Would Call His Brother Fool Is Actually a Pretty Good Christian

Oh, for the love of Santa Claus. This is what it's come to, folks: some religious conservatives can not only not designate between stopping people from saying "faggot" and stopping people from saying "homosexuality is wrong", but between stopping people from hurling about any form of verbal abuse and people pointing out their personal objections to gayness.

Dear Warren Throckmorton: "Gay people are sinners" does not equal "fatty, fatty, two by four." Nor does it equal "four-eyes", nor "teacher's pet", not "snotnose", nor "retard", nor- and here's the big one- "faggot". Call me a sinner all you want; just don't tell your kids you can call me, or gay kids like me, shit on the schoolyard. Got it?

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