Saturday, January 08, 2005


Humanity, Betray Thyself

"Hey, suffering tsunami victims! Fuck you, I've got mine."

The severe lack of any human tendencies (aside from eating, breathing, and shitting) in Michael Savage aside, I've noticed this motive time, and time, and time again. I've seen it in war (well, obviously). I've seen it in faith (hey, Jews! Who cares if two-thirds of all of you go to Hell when Christ comes again? At least we get into Heaven!). I've seen it on the streets, when people will pass the less fortunate with cups outstretched and not drop in a penny.

This is what humanity is threatening to become: a series of self-concerned greedy bitches who can't see beyond their own sphere of influence to notice that others are suffering. Savage doesn't want to give any money to tsunami victims, eh? Well, how would he feel if the world turned on us after 9/11 and said, "Fuck you, American bitches"? But they didn't: there was empathy, and help, and for once, we felt like a global community.

We have a reason for being here: to help our fellow man. This need goes beyond races, beyond faiths, beyond national borders. And I won't let navel-gazing fucktards like Michael Savage get in my way of making life better for those around me.

For those who feel like they still want to help, go to the Red Cross and make a donation. The people working over in the stricken countries still need help, and your money might go to help us if something this unfortunate ever happens again.

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