Saturday, January 01, 2005


It's Lovely, If You Can Avoid the Stench of Death

I just have to ask: what the fuck is wrong with people?

You read that right. Over 100,000 people are dead, millions are suffering from loss of family members, friends, and resources, there's a very good chance of aftershocks and disease, and people are still going on holiday there. That's just asking for a right kick in the ass, if not a full-fledged Darwin Award.

My uncle is over there right now. His argument is that the spot he's visiting is on the other side of the country...but still.
You'd at least think that some of the people still going on vacation would lend a hand in the relief effort, but it sounds like a lot of them are just going to the beaches and ignoring the mottling corpses.

Um. Not to rag on your uncle or anything.
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