Saturday, January 22, 2005


"When Is the Winter of Our Discontent?"

Oh, I'd say that's been happening for the past few weeks. And tonight, it's going to turn into the winter of our pissing and moaning. People are already drawing comparisons to the Blizzard of '78, and nary a flake has touched the ground (well, here, at least). And of course, this has to happen on the weekend when I just got out of finals, and therefore don't have school on Monday because it's a makeup day.

Seriously, it's likely that no one's going to leave the house tomorrow. We've even stocked up on litter for our cat, who would usually brave Ragnarok itself to go out and crap behind a tree. So, I guess when the first flakes start to fall, we'll all be huddled up by the fire, drinking hot cocoa and talking about how glad we are that we're not outside.

Either that, or we'll have reverted to a state of savagery and cannibalism on the level of the Donner Party. Could go either way.

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