Thursday, January 13, 2005


Will They Repent, Themselves?

Now, any reader of this blog knows how much I hated those protestors from Repent America who crashed OutFest in Philly this year. I hated how they waved around signs saying I was going to Hell, I hated how they yelled at people who were different from them, I hated how they basically barged through a crowd and brought festivities to a halt just to get their message across, and I especially hated how their sleazebag lawyers kept comparing their plight to that of civil right protestors in the '50s.

But a possible 47 years in jail? That's just wrong. Six months, heck, maybe one year, but it wasn't like they touched off Watts 2.0.

UPDATE: Okay, I can understand now. I still think 47 years is a little harsh, but these guys were clearly trying to start a riot. Five years, maybe.

47 years. It reminds me of the protest across from the Republican National Convention where a huge anti-Bush banner was unfurled from atop a hotel. When a dumb-ass cop walked through a pane of glass in a skylight, the protesters were charged with something like Attempted Murder on a Law Enforcement Official and faced over 25 years in prison. Draconian sentences make good press and then proceed to clog up the courts. Any sentence for this jerk that assured him a boyfriend for a while would probably suffice.
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