Wednesday, February 02, 2005


...And Some Who Thought Going Into the Trees Was a Bad Idea and That We Never Should Have Come Out of the Ocean In the First Place

"Communistic evolution" responsible for 135 million deaths? Funny; the words, they are in English, and yet, they make no sense. And I love this:

And it is amazing, he added, that evolution – despite its widespread acceptance – has no scientific basis. "There are scientists who will admit that there's not one iota of scientific evidence to support it."

Yeah. Yeah, all we have are fossil records, geological records, and radioactively dating the growth of the universe. But they? They have a book! A book that has probably been mistranslated throughout history, but still- a book!

I've seen this nut case on Sunday mornings. I might be surfing around and there he is, making some outrageous proclamation like the time (just before the election) when he said it was in the 10 Commandments that not voting was a sin. Sometimes it seems like he is proposing an idiotic idea just to garner attention, and then you realize he's a dangerous quack. Florida is full of them.
"when he said it was in the 10 Commandments that not voting was a sin."

Wow. I can actually feel the vacuum forming in my brain cavity as I read that.

Strangely enough, apparently, the Ten Commandments Moses brings down from Mt. Sinai are not the Ten Commandments read off to him by God. The ones God tells him about are more like the dietary laws of Leviticus than the stone tablets (see Exodus 34:13-28). I do believe God exists, but His chroniclers are not exactly top notch.
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