Thursday, February 24, 2005



Goddamnit, I go three days without the Internet, and Hunter S. Thompson kindly decides to commit suicide on the day I begin my solitary confinement. While The Washington Times (which I´d trust as far as I could throw against a wall) says it was because of the country´s shift to the right, a more logical answer is that he was in intense pain from a recent surgery (and when Raoul Fucking Duke himself can´t self-medicate...).

There´s nothing I can say that those with media access haven´t already. So... adios, good doctor. You showed us just what the fuck was wrong with our nation, and did a whole lot of drugs while doing so. May flights of green faeries sing thee to thy rest.

Oh, and yeah, I seem to be in Barcelona. Just remembered that. I promise full updates when I get back and don´t have to pay for the Internet.

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