Thursday, February 24, 2005


Grand Theft Asshole

Three questions: who is this Jack Thompson, what is with his particular animus towards video games, and why, whenever he talks to inquisitive gamers, does he act like a leaking douchenozzle?

I say that gamers all over the Internet should ask him (gently, of course) the following questions via e-mail:

1. Do you think there are any games that are harmless, if not positively beneficient?
2. What do you think of gamers who play games like Halo and Grand Theft Auto and who don´t commit violent acts against their fellow men?
3. If what your suit alleges is true, then isn´t it a bit scary that large chunks of humanity lack the basic intelligence to understand the difference between killing in a game and in real life?

A few hundred thousand of those should teach him to clean up his manners when talking to someone who does not have a video camera or a tape recorder. And if not, then there´s always room for an amicus brief.

Remember, kids: violent video games may drive you to kill, but an agenda of censorship turns you into a snotty little bitch.

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