Sunday, February 13, 2005


Ia! Ia!

The H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society is making their own Call of Cthulhu movie. Because nothing says epic madness like a fan film.

Are you living in Providence, Justin? I lived on Benefit St. for many years while going to school; Lovecraft was a god there. My English proffesor lived at 55 Power Street (off of Benefit) and her home had been the setting for one of Lovecraft's short stories. She let me stay overnight once in an upper bedroom that her children refused to enter because of bad "experiences". It was so spooky, so Providence; I love that town.
Sorry, Mrs. Astor; I'm up on the sidelines of Boston. Though I bet an H.P. Lovecraft Guided Tour would be awesome for a day trip.
He's buried in the Swan Point Cemetary on my beloved East Side. I once hosted a "gathering" there, but it was more to get the boys to take off their clothes, than anything else. I was being tawdry.
When I visit the "summer house" this year, I'll let you know and we'll do a little Lovecraft with you and your boyfriend.
Oh, um, I'm sorry if I didn't post anything back then, but my boyfriend and I broke up back in October. We aren't really speaking anymore.
So sorry, Justin; I do remember you mentioning the boyfriend some time back. Well, that's his loss. I adore reading your rants and raves; they always pick up my morning. A big kiss from Miami.
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