Wednesday, February 16, 2005


The Pink Elephant in the Room

So, I read this article in Newsweek about a radio host who wants to "save red staters from themselves" by convincing them that Democrat is the way to go. And that sounds cool. Then I read this:

Ideologically, Schultz is all Democrat—he likes universal health care and labor unions, hates Wal-Mart and corporate crooks—but he also delights in hacking away at his party's more sensitive side. When a gay listener recently called to complain about homophobia, Schultz cut him off. He believes Democrats shouldn't talk up gay rights, just like they shouldn't bash God and guns. Schultz says liberals had better get used to his brand of tough love if they want to win in the heartland. "The party thinks there aren't any Democrats between Texas and North Dakota," Schultz told NEWSWEEK, "so why bother talking to people out here?"

Now, here's the thing: I agree that the Democrats shouldn't automatically bash gun ownership. I also agree that there should not be some instant disgust reaction to evangelical religion. But what Schultz is talking about is basically throwing over the sufferings of gay people just to win votes for his party and its economic position. And he, if the whispers of "gays cost us the election!" are any indication, is not the only one.

All I'm saying is this: I don't care if you're Republican, or Democrat, or Libertarian. I'm not voting for anyone who does not recognize my right to exist without being persecuted.

Amen, Brother!
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