Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Sooool-dier Booooooi...

Wow. The power of the liberal blogosphere both frightens and amazes me.

Here's a brief summary of the whole Jeff Gannon thingie: Media Matters for America notices that some guy from an institution called "Talon News" is throwing out softballs whenever questioning at White House press conferences gets a little too hairy. So, they send a letter to Scott McClellan, and Atrios and others take it from there. Soon, it is found that Gannon is: a hack; an alias; and, most importantly of all, a man4man ho (not safe for work). And all of this in about a week.

And just know, by posting this here, I become part of the great chain of blogging, spreading the word to further corners of the world... when I could be researching it myself. Because I'm just lazy.

Amazing! Maybe the thing about the planted "reporter" shouldn't surprise anyone, but the rest is amazing. I'm afraid it's going to be a long four years.
Yeah. Here's to hoping someone picks it up. The posters at AMERICABlog have been talking about e-mailing Keith Olbermann en masse.
If anyone of note will pick it up, it'll be good, old Keith.
And apparently, he did. As did Anderson Cooper, and Wolf Blitzer, and the New York Daily News...

You're a STAH, Jeff-baby!
Wow, and Wonkette today (the 10th). It's all so heartening.
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