Thursday, March 03, 2005


.50 Caliber Rifles, 3-Inch Dicks

Ganked from AMERICABlog.

Here's a brief recap on the .50 caliber rifle issue: There is a sniper rifle avaiable on the market with rounds that can pierce armor. Theoretically, this gun could bring down a commercial airplane. And it's being sold on the open market. Oh, and it comes with incindiery and explosive rounds, because it just isn't hunting or protection if your target doesn't spend the last few moments of its life in excruciating agony.

Here is my view on the issue of gun control: if it does anything more than kill Bambi's mom, you don't need it. I don't care about whether you want to hunt dragons or whatever ungodly beast this weapon is designed to take down. I don't care if we're invaded by the Borg. And I don't care how tiny your penis is. You do not need a weapon that can, with one round, take down a machine that is commonly weighed in tons.

And yet, there are those who do want to kill anything and everything that comes in their way... and especially in the way of their precious penile substitutes.

Now, I know it's a message board. Most message boards, with the vast expection of those handled by the glorious Wing Chun, are the farthest thing from civilized debate you could find. But here are people who own a weapon that is on ballistic par with a Stinger missile who are threatening, whether jovially or seriously, to kill anyone who messes with their precious murder machines. Do they honestly think that anyone's gonna side with them after that?

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