Saturday, April 09, 2005


Cognitive Dissonance? Huh? What?

This is unbefuckinglievable. Arthur Finklestein, a longtime GOP consultant, has married his longtime partner, with whom he shares two children. That's not hypocrisy in and of itself; there are plenty of gay Republicans, many of whom choose to work with moderate politicians like Chafee, McCain, and Kolbe.

Here's where the headache kicks in:

Mr. Finkelstein has been allied over the years with Republicans who have fiercely opposed gay rights measures, including former Senator Jesse Helms of North Carolina...

Now, pardon me for asking, Arthur, but what the fucking fuck were you thinking?

Jesse Helms is a man who is damn near the devil incarnate.He's a man who thought that AIDS is God's judgment for people like him, a man who actually responded to a grieving mother who wrote him and said that yes, her son did deserve to die of some horrible disease just because he engaged in buttsex.

And this man worked for him?

Mr. Finkelstein has regularly described himself as a libertarian who supports same-sex marriage and abortion rights while opposing big government. In an interview with Maariv, an Israeli newspaper, after the American elections last year, he criticized the Republican Party as growing too close to evangelical Christians, warning it could cause long-term damage to the party.

Ah... buh... beh... gah... guh... mah...

Sorry. That last statement by the man who worked for Jesse Fucking Helms just caused my brain to shut down.

I wish this man the best of luck in married life. But I also want him to think long and hard about all the people like him he has helped others step on to get where he is.

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