Monday, May 02, 2005


But... But He Has God on His Side!

Pat "Let's Nuke the State Department!" Robertson does the tango with irrelevancy, and then sticks his tongue down her throat. Among his "pearls of wisdom":

-Rudy for Pres! (Just ignore the fact that Giuliani had an affair, is pro-gay, and did drag.)
-Muslims and Hindus should not be judges. (But he totally supports people of faith!)
-Ruth Bader Ginsberg is a dirty Commie. (Because she joined the ACLU, and that was founded by a Commie, y'know. By that logic, everyone who works at Domino's is a Dominionist.)

The fact that this man still gets attention by serious news programs and is not left alone to distribute Chick tracts on some street corner is the surest sign that something is very fucking wrong with the media.

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