Monday, May 02, 2005


Ha Ha! Torture is Funny.

The fact that Rush Limbaugh can actually say this stuff without experiencing some sort of divine retribution is exactly why I'm a deist.

I liked him better on the Oxycontin.

UPDATE: Oh, look. More shit from the drug fiend:

They despise it because they fear it, because it's a threat, because that God has moral absolutes. That God has right and wrong, that God doesn't deal in nuance, that God doesn't deal in gray area, that God says, 'This is right and that is wrong.'

Oh, you think our idea of God has no moral absolutes, Mr. Limbaugh? Here's just a few:

-Not helping your fellow man is wrong.
-Showing tolerance for other people's views is right.
-Abuse of another human being is wrong, wrong, fucking wrong.

Hmm. No wonder he sides with "the other God".

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