Friday, May 06, 2005


Relevance Ending... Now

John Kerry: "Mass. Dems should not back gay marriage." Yeah, despite the fact that 71% of Mass. Democrats support gay marriage, as do 56% of Mass. residents in general, it's still too risky for Kerry to back the acknowledgement of a loving relationship between two members of the same sex as a marriage.

I can't believe I cast the first vote of my life for this twat.

I voted for Kerry, but with much trepidation. He always struck me as a big-time career-politician. He bent in a lot of different directions to get to the top.

Hey, at least you don't look like a young him. I'm reminded of his royal Munsterness every time I look in the mirror.
Oh, dear. Well, if you look kinda like him, maybe you'll end up marrying a wealthy mustard baroness, or something.
I think I'd prefer to marry a BBQ Sauce Baroness. "What's for dinner honey?" "Ribs again!"
Mmm... ribs.

I, for one, will attempt to marry a pasta sauce baron.
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