Thursday, May 26, 2005


Thought Lost Out

In AP Psych, we learned that some people who are manic often engage in something called "the flight of ideas". This is when they spit out words that bear some relation, even if the string of words lacks any sort of coherent meaning whatsoever (e.g., "Row go stop drop roll hole in the wall bang bang clang...").

Which is my only real explanation for the words of this proponent of a "Love Won Out" program:

"The goal is to provide healing for those that want healing in this area of same-sex attraction," said Glenn Reph, the church's executive pastor, adding, "It's not negative. It's not gay bashing."

But while claiming not to condemn anyone, Reph said that letting children "choose" homosexuality "would be like letting them choose murder or adultery" because it is "not God's way of life."

So, you're not being negative... but you're comparing gayness to the violent taking of another's life. I don't know how those ideas can get so close to one another without exploding.

Luckily, a local chapter of PFLAG is injecting some sanity. But it's scary how people like Reph can say stuff like that without appearing to experience any form of cognitive dissonance whatsoever.

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