Saturday, September 10, 2005


Sometimes a Semi-Circle is Just a Semi-Circle

And I'm sorry I sullied poor Sigmund Freud's name by dragging his allegory into this sordid mess.

So, the architect behind the Flight 93 memorial has revealed his design, which, according to the families of people who actually died in the crash, is "beautifully simple".

Ah, but nothing is beautifully simple in the blogosphere, especially when wingnuttery is concerned! Yeah, the lead wingnut over at Little Green Footballs has declared that the memorial is in the shape of- oh noes!- a crescent, and, because it's vaguely Islamic, is therefore a giant mockery of all things American. Because we all know that every single Muslim in the world was to blame for 9/11, and not just a terrorist group.

Of course, you've got the counterposts on liberal blogs by conservatives saying, "Well, what if they built a Holocaust memorial in the shape of a swastika?" Well, that would be a great insult to the Jewish people, because the Nazi philosophy is, at its core, devoted to wiping out Jews. There is no "shit on America" clause in the Koran, despite what noted Islamic scholars like Michelle Malkin may say.

It's a memorial. It's meant to let the dead lie in peace. Let them have it without railing about how much Muslims scare you, for fuck's sake.

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