Wednesday, May 24, 2006


Be A Hitler Youth For Jesus!

This is getting fucking ridiculous.

The first rock band that performed, Delirious, got the crowd festive and up on their feet with lyrics that were projected on large screens so that everyone could join in: “We’re an army of God and we’re ready to die.... Let’s paint this big ol’ town red.... We see nothing but the blood of Jesus....”

Between musical acts, Luce, the BattleCry founder, hammered away at the dominant theme of the night: his contention that “pew-sitters ... passive Christians ... the Christians who just want love, joy, peace ... ” were the problem, and that the world needed more radical and extreme God-worshippers—those who would be obedient and fully submit to Christ.

Luce would have us believe that everything went off track when the Bible-toting people of my grandparents’ generation were replaced by the “pew-sitters” of the Baby Boom generation. These are the people who, according to Luce, just wanted to passively benefit from the “love, joy and peace” message of Christianity without actively surrendering their wills and their selves completely upon Christ’s altar and working in His name.

Yeah, if only people would stop practicing “love, joy and peace.” Wouldn’t that make the world a better place....

Luce used this critique of pew-sitting Christians to assuage the doubts of the youths at the rally who may have been feeling uncertain about their commitment to the Church. “Don’t worry,” he was telling them, “you’ve been amongst pew-sitters--watered-down Christians. Welcome to the reign of total submission to the Lord.”

This is fascism wearing a cross. The "weak"- those who care, those who want to understand- are scorned. There must be no compromising with them, no attempt to find a middleground. You are the "strong," and to be strong, you must give yourself up entirely to Jesus.

Of course, when the article writer actually calls the organizer, Ron Luce, out on his bullshit, he gives this response:

“Why are you so angry?” he asked.

He's just called compassionate Christians "pew sitters," called for utter Biblical literalism (and blatantly ignored the child stoning, enemy slaying, gay bashing, woman subjugating hootenanny that is a good third of the Old Testament), and told children that they are warriors for Christ and should act as such. Maybe there's a reason we, the Christians who actually follow Christ's message, are so pissed off.

Well I hardly call you a christian, not with language like that. Hey, do consider yourself a good person? Answer that. Then ask yourself this, "Have you ever told a lie? Ever,ever. Just one lie. Ok, what would that make you? A lier. Have you ever stolen something? No matter the size or value. Well? What does that make you? A Thief, right? Have you ever lusted? Jesus says, "Whom ever looks at a women to lust has committed adultery in his heart" Have you done this? Lusted either after a women or a man. What would that make you? An adulter. Three of the ten commandments here. How'd you do. The Bible says if you break one of the commandments then you are just as guilty as if you had broken them all. If God judges you based on the ten commandments, will you be guilty or innocent? It doesn't matter if you no longer do the things mentioned above because time doesn't wipe away sin. A rapist on the lamb for ten years before he is caught can't say to the judge, "Hey, let me go. I'm not a rapist anymore. That was years ago." NO! A good judge will still give him justice. A fine must be paid. Maybe 10 to 20 years or maybe life in prison. Will you be guilty or innocent? Guilty, you say? Then where will you go when you die? Heaven or Hell? Oh, but you say your god is forgiving and overlooks words like "fucking" and mocking his followers. Well, then you just broke the 2nd commandment, "no idols" You see a god that doesn't punish your sin, foul languge and impure heart doesn't exist. You made him up to fit your lifestyle. Where are you going when you die? Where do you deserve to go? Hell, if you answered those questions honestly. That's what we deserve an a just God will give us justice and in our case justice for breaking God's holy law is hell. You see, no one is good but God, lk 18:19 and Ps 14. God judges based on the 10 commandments and using that as mirror, looking at it to see how good we are, we come to realize we're not good at all and God's wrath will fall on us. What can you do? God did something so loving and kind for us to save us from his wrath. Do you know what he did. He sent Jesus to step in and pay your fine. It's like the rapist above being sentenced to life in prison and someone, a total stranger, stepping in and saying, "let him go, I'll do his time." That's what Jesus did for you, for me, so that we wouldn't have to go to Hell where we deserve to go. It's his gift, but we can't claim it with out true repentence and without putting our complete faith in him. The Bible talks about us being "born again" when we do this. We no longer do the things we used to. Do we still sin? Ya, but we stumble into it, not plan it out like we used to. We fall into sin kicking and screaming. We don't jump into it. Man, I'm worried about you whoever you maybe. And I hope this didn't torque you off but opened your eyes. It open mine when I finally saw myself compared to the 10 commandments, God's standard. I'd been a Christian for 17 years God opened my eyes. I'm praying for you.
Hey, Eric. I'm sorry I'm so late replying to this response, I was too busy worshipping my false idols.

"Well I hardly call you a christian, with language like that."

Thank you. I never realized that "fuck" and "bullshit" were holy names of God that were not to be taken in vein. And yes, I say my share of "Jesus Christ"s, too. I admit to that.

As for the rest of your post... who said I don't worship God? I do. I am a Christian, despite the fact that I apparently can't be because I swear and stare at people I find attractive. I believe that Christ came to Earth born of a virgin, died for the sins of the world, and brought a message of peace and prosperity for the world to follow. That is what it takes to be a Christian. All else is happenstance.

And I notice that you were so busy using ad hominem attacks and praying for the state of my soul that you did not discuss the actual topic of this post. There are people who believe that the End Times are just around the corner. People who believe that Christians who believe in not passing judgment and spreading a message of acceptance- y'know, like Jesus does for most of the Gospels- are weak and inefficient. People who, most importantly of all, believe the only way for Christians to truly change the world is to give up everything-- everything-- to Jesus and to use arms and violence against those they disagree with.

Let's talk about that. And not the fact that I am a sinner. I accept that I may be a sinner. Doesn't mean I have to put up with people who think that I may be their mortal enemy in the next few years.
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