Wednesday, May 31, 2006


A Fundamental Disconnect

So, it turns out that no one decided to fill Bush in on the possible war crime in a timely fashion:

When was the president first briefed about the events in Haditha?

"When a Time reporter first made the call,'' Snow said. "Time began asking questions about it.''

The president then was briefed by National Security Adviser Steve Hadley, Snow said, and the president "began asking questions then.''

So, there was a definite information gap between Bush and the people who knew about Haditha, a gap that went unbridged for two months. Kind of gives some weight to Rep. Murtha's theories about a cover-up.

And yet, despite this massive failure to communicate, guess who's not being targeted in the Haditha probe! Got that right-- anyone in a position of power!

Pentagon investigations into the shooting deaths of Iraqi civilians are focused on about a dozen enlisted Marines and do not target their commanding officers, the lawyer for one of the officers said Tuesday.

There was clearly something wrong with the spread of information on the Haditha attack, and I'm betting it twasn't the soldiers who fired the guns who are retarding the flow of crucial data. And yet, I have the sinking feeling that, like at Abu Ghraib, they'll be the only ones taking the fall for it.

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