Saturday, May 20, 2006


Give Me Liberty Or Give Me... Uh...

So, many liberal bloggers have noticed a meme sprouting up amongst Republican politicians, such as Pat Roberts. And that meme is, "You don't have civil liberties when you're dead." Which means, in some twisted sense, that we should just feel free to give them up at will when our lives are in danger.

We have gone through much since the founding of our nation. The British burned the seat of our government in the War of 1812. Our nation threatened to tear itself apart in the Civil War. There was talk of Germany flirting with Mexico with the promise of retaking lost territory in World War I. The Japanese struck us on American soil in World War II. We were afraid during the Cold War that we would have the air raid sirens and then... nothing, with America wiped away in a nuclear blast.

And never, not once, did we give up our liberties. Why? Because we are America. We were founded on the idea of liberties. The right to worship, the right to speak, the right to assemble, and the right to privacy. If these ideas die, then so does America. Destroy the idea of civil liberties, and all you have is an empty shell of a nation, filled with stuffed shirt patriotism.

Pat Roberts should be glad the angry ghost of Patrick Henry does not possess him and make him barf pea soup all over the Senate.

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