Friday, May 12, 2006


Mitt: "Ew, Gay Cooties!"

This pandering fucknut can't get out of my state fast enough.

Angered that his name appeared on a press release touting a gay pride parade, Governor Mitt Romney moved yesterday to curtail the activities of a 14-year-old advisory commission on gay and lesbian youth.

Yeah, apparently Mitt was going to scrap the Governor's Commission all together in favor of a commission that focused on "all of the state's youth," but the firestorm led him to cut down on the gutting. Interestingly enough, the Governor's Commission was founded by William Weld, a Republican who knew the right way to handle gay and lesbian matters.

I met my first boyfriend at a dance held by the Governor's Commission. I haven't been involved in it much, but they've done great things for gay and lesbian kids in Massachusetts for the past 14 years. And Mitt wanted to send it down the crapper all because the head of the Article 8 Alliance cried wolf about it, like he probably has for the past 14 years of its existence.

That Mitt. There's no one he won't screw and no one else he won't blow for a vote and some cash.

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