Friday, May 19, 2006


Sucking Down The Fumes

You have got to be fucking kidding me. (ganked from Pam's House Blend)

This is the brilliant rejoinder of the Competitive Enterprise Institute (a.k.a, the Flat Earth Society) to the global warming debate. According to them, carbon dioxide can't be that lethal in large amounts-- after all, plants breathe it in, right?

Let's look at a list of the other things necessary for humanity to live. Iron? We can suck down as many tablets as we want without risk of poisoning, or anything like that. Same with Vitamin A; anything we need that we consume in larger than normal amounts is healthy. And sunlight? Hell, you can stand around in the sun all day without any risk at all! Skin cancer? Oh, that's just being hyped by environmentalists and liberal politicians as a campaign issue!

This goes beyond "protecting one's own assets." This goes straight into craven manipulation of Lex Luthor proportions.

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