Tuesday, May 30, 2006


This Can't Possibly Backfire A Second Time!

News flash: Howard Dean just does not care anymore.

Still, Dean, the chairman of the Democratic National Committee, said in an interview with the Register-Guard newspaper that he hopes to eventually make another appearance on the Christian Broadcasting Network — and that he’s encouraging rank-and-file party members to discuss faith and morality.

And what is Dean's excuse for all this, you ask?

“Our Democratic values are American values,’’ Dean said. “Most people in this county, including evangelicals, think it’s immoral to let children go to bed hungry at night. They think it’s immoral not to have everyone in some kind of health insurance.’’

See, this is true. There are evangelical Christians who care about charity, about caring for others, about following Christ's message. They are a viable voting block, and the kind of religious voters the DNC really needs to reach out to.

And they are not the kind of evangelicals that Howard Dean is flirting with by going on CBN. For God's sake, this is Pat Robertson's network! This isn't the network of people devoted to spreading the word of Christ, but the network of people who will cling to anyone, anyone, as long as they will make sure to mention Jesus in stump speeches and make sure to protect them from the massing army of feminists, gays, and infidels.

Then again, who's to say these aren't the people Howard Dean is flirting with?

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