Sunday, May 28, 2006


You've Gotta Fight For Your Rights...

If only someone would tell the HRC.

Let's face it; Joe Lieberman has a record of GLBT rights that's spotty at best, hypocritical at worst. Ned Lamont, Lieberman's challenger, has expressed unquestionable support for GLBT rights. And yet, the HRC supports Joe Lieberman.

When Pachacuetc questions Mike Mings, the HRC's Deputy Director of Electoral Activities and PAC Manager, and provides him with evidence that shows that Joe only uses gay and lesbians when it's politically expedient, Mings give him a storm of "I'll have to check back on that" (hint: he doesn't). This, however, may be the most telling part of the interview:

FDL: Have you looked at any of the positions of candidate Lamont in determining the extent to which he might support full marriage rights in ways that Senator Lieberman does not? Does that figure into your endorsement decision?

MINGS: Part of our endorsement decision is based upon incumbency, and when we have an incumbent who’s in office who is consistently fighting for our rights, then we tend to side on the side of incumbents to continue with that long record that’s been proven.

So, it doesn't matter that Holy Joe has been on and off about gay and lesbian rights. What matters is that he's been offering some degree of support, and he's had his ass in that chair longer than the other guy.

The HRC has grown fat and lazy. Remember their "brilliant" counterprotest at the RNC that consisted of a truck carting around a politically vague sign? I'm beginning to agree with Larry Kramer: What the fuck are you doing with all of that money?

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