Saturday, June 10, 2006


The Death of Discourse

Mary Matalin defends Ann Coulter's comments about 9/11 widows enjoying their husband's death, calls them "her stock and trade."

There are so many things I want to say about this. I want to handle the fact that Mary apparently thinks that because one side does it means that it's perfectly all right for the other side to abuse it in spades (and once again, it's okay when right wing individuals draw Hitler comparisons, but evil and slanderous when "the lefties" do). I want to handle the fact that a woman who is paid good money by the GOP believes that it is just part of Coulter's "shtick" that she uses ethnic slurs in a non-ironic fashion before mass audiences and insults war heroes and the dead. I want to address the fact that Mary Matalin doesn't care how poisonous, insulting, disgusting and slanderous a point is as long as it makes a point.

But I can't. Because I am just so fucking angry that I feel like if I open my mouth at this point, all will come out is a scream.

This is what has happened to reasonable debate in this country. This is no longer College Republicans backing up Coulter when she gay baits someone who asked her a question. This is a highly respected political commentator defending a woman who has accused women who have lost their husbands of enjoying the death of their loved ones.

This is what political commentary has fallen to: William F. Buckley calling Gore Vidal a queer, 24/7.

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