Thursday, June 22, 2006


The Internet Is For Free

All right, so according to Christy at Firedoglake, the vote for net neutrality among the Senate Commerce Committee is coming up soon. For those few of you who haven't heard already, net neutrality means that all content on the web is treated equally. There is no real "premium" content in the eyes of telecom companies. However, the COPE Act, currently in the House, would give telecom companies the ability to decide what is premium content and what is not. "Premium" content would get a better connection than "non-premium" content, the divide of which would likely be decided by how much money is given to the telecom or the content of the site.

In case you need any more motivation, I'd like to bring something up: many of these same telecoms who would likely gain control over the Internet if the COPE Act passes-- such as AT&T and Verizon-- turned over info about their subscribers' call logs to the government. When the news broke, several liberal blogs called for investigations into and boycotts against said telecoms. Now, tell me; if this passes, do you really think that said telecoms are going to give said blogs the time of day?

Get out there. Raise a fuss. Keep the best voice we have from being cut off.

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