Thursday, June 29, 2006


It's Part Of My Beliefs To Call You A Limp-Wristed Shirtlifter

So, I've kept a distance from the whole Ozzie Guillen thing. Yes, I was hurt, and yes, Guillen is a massive idiot who doesn't see anything wrong with associating homosexuality with weakness and child molestation, but this is sports. This isn't the most gay-friendly arena in the world, and it's going to take a while until we can get there. So, I just turned away.

Then Peter "Leather Bound" LaBarbera of the Illinois Family Insitute (and Pam's favorite punching bag) had to open his big mouth, and in the process, show just how much he actually cares about us:

The family advocate says the White Sox manager has run into the "liberal thought police."

"I think it's astonishing to see the media in Chicago and maybe across the country bending so easily to this idea of when you say this word, which I don't say -- I don't say the word f-a-g --

Oh, really? Well, I'm glad to hear that, Peter! I'm glad you're just settling for implying that all us gay folk are scat fiends and urophiliacs. I'm okay with those kind of insults.

but the idea that this is a slur analogous to racism is just ridiculous," says LaBarbera. "The fact is that Ozzie Guillen said something he shouldn't have said," he acknowledges, "but should he be going through re-education and having his religious beliefs trampled over in support of the homosexual agenda because he said this remark? No way."

So, this is what LaBarbera thinks: what Guillen said was "something he shouldn't have said", but that efforts to correct this will brainwash him to the side of the rainbow. See, this is how much the religious right cares about us: any attempts to prove that "gay" is not analogous with "child molester" are insults to their very way of life.

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