Saturday, June 24, 2006



So, the FBI arrested seven attempted terrorists who were planning on blowing up the Sears Tower. That's good; everyone we arrest who seeks to attack our nation is a good thing in my book.

But then, they're wasn't exactly but... there there, was there? According to the indictment handed down, the men thought the best way to get started was to touch off a land war against the US. Never mind the fact that a) there are all of seven of them, and b) the real Al Qaeda probably would have slapped them sideways for suggesting such a thing at this point. Oh, and nothing says "secretive terrorist organization" like asking for boots and uniforms. Just because it made COBRA look snazzy on G.I. Joe doesn't mean it'll work in real life.

I'm glad we caught these guys before they did any harm. But seriously, it's somewhat like calling Butters playing as Professor Chaos an evil mastermind.

I hope our Government will not bomb Al Jazzera again while I am there.

I will be appearing on Al Jazzera talking about the hype over the recent
"terrorist" apprehensions in Miami, Toronto, and London. These appear to be
yet additional neo-con inspired "crises" to push their all-too-evident

I am saying there wasn't a plot against the Sears Tower, it was awfully
curious timing for a "raid," wasn't it? After all, the Dems had just
finished making their first somewhat united effort to initiate a troop
withdrawal from Iraq (just disagreeing over the timetable -- with only a few
renegades, like GOP Joe Lieberman). It reminds us of the old days when Tommy
Thompson rolled out a color coded terror alert whenever the Bush
Administration experienced a dip in the polls.

You see, the essence of the Bush Administration efforts to continue waging a
lost war is to tie it to terrorism (even though they created a death trap
for our soldiers by starting the war.) Cheney was just on CNN once again
tying Iraq directly to the "War on Terrorism."

Pray for Israel,

--- Leland Milton Goldblatt
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