Friday, June 02, 2006


Okay, You're Safe Now, Good Luck

It's official: Bush, despite all his talk about remembering 9/11, has taken a massive steaming shit on the survivors of that day. DC and New York City are having their anti-terrorism budgets cut by 40%. And according to the DHS, NYC has no icons or monuments (well, except for that big green statue, but hey, she's French).

I can't believe it's come to the point where I have to lecture the government about how terrorists operate, but here goes. We are not dealing with Hollywood action movie terrorists. We are not dealing with the kind of clever, scheming, usually British-accented bastards who decide to attack a small town in America because that's what no one expects. We're dealing with Al Qaeda. They like to attack the big, shiny targets: the skyscrapers, the big cities, the embassies, the cruisers.

I suggest that you not help draw the bullseye for them.

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