Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Only Whiskey and The Daily Show Can Help Me Now

Last night, watching the news with my parents, I saw three images in rapid succession which spoke deeply to the current state of the media:

1. Dan Rather, the man who stood with CBS for 44 years and who infamously tore into Nixon during his debate, being forced out by the network.

2. Connie Chung, the woman who once sat with Rather at the newsdesk, committing career suicide-- and, if her performance is any indication, choosing to go for the handgun rather than the sleeping pills.

3. A piece from the Internet correspondent of CNN's Situation Room on Gov. Arnold's webcast interview. After Arnold replied-- very clearly-- to a question about what color he'd be with "red", the correspondent repeated (paraphrased), "In case you didn't hear that, he said 'red.'" Because we all desperately needed to know this.

Somehow, once again, the media manages to defy satire.

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