Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Red In Tooth and Maw

Well, it's another extended break from schoolwork, and we all know what that means: another round of surgery.

This time, it was a gum graft. Now, let's be honest: my teeth are not very straight or pearly white. In fact, they look slightly like the simulation from that episode of The Simpsons that ends with Lisa's freakish teeth protruding out of her skull. So, there's been talk about putting in an Invisalign brace for the summer. However, a dental investigation towards the start of the summer have revealed that certain areas of my gums have receded like the Red Sea before Moses. So yesterday, I had a perfectly qualified man lop a bit off of the roof of my mouth and stitch it in front of my bottom teeth. Reasonablle enough.

I can't do anything more than soft foods for the next few days (which, like with the wisdom tooth extraction, gives me a blatant excuse to eat lots and lots of ice cream), if not for the next week or so, but otherwise, everything's okay. I rarely need to pop any Advil, and the Percocet goes unattended. I should be up and active again by Thursday at least.

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