Friday, June 16, 2006


Religious Right: "Burn The Nation If We Can Bash The Queers."

There is absolutely no limit the anti-gay whackjobs in the religious right will go to to make sure that we are treated as second-class citizens by the law.

Let me make this clear: if the Family Research Council and its assorted mooks are successful in their bizarre little ploy to force a constitutional convention, then that means that the entire U.S. Constitution is up for grabs. Freedom of speech, freedom of press, constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights, the ban against "cruel and unusual punishment"... all of it can be taken out by those who feel that it is not "right," and anything else can be put in in its place. America, as seen by the Founding Fathers, may cease to exist. And why risk the core of our very nation?

Simple. To make sure that the faggots stay down.

I will repeat: there are absolutely no limits to what the powerbrokers of the religious right wish to do with America. They will gladly twist every judgment and bend every amendment to make sure that they get their vision of the world. Clearly, it has to stop. Now.

Do not be suprised if government analysts tenuously link homosexuality and terrorism in some godawful, ham-fisted round-about way.

Then they can REALLY start going to town..
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