Tuesday, July 18, 2006


And What Are You Going To Do About It?

Alberto Gonzales openly admits that Bush was the one who killed the Justice Department investigation into the wiretap scandal. But it's okay, says Tony Snow, because independent councils aren't necessary when the very people who helped to orchestrate this are making sure everything's okay:

Later, at the White House, spokesman Tony Snow said the eavesdropping program is reviewed every 45 days by senior officials, including Gonzales. The president did not consider the Justice unit that functions as a legal ethics watchdog to be the "proper venue," Snow said.

"What he was saying is that in the case of a highly classified program, you need to keep the number of people exposed to it tight for reasons of national security, and that's what he did," Snow said.

And apparently, that number of people does not include investigators trying to determine the legality of the program.

At this point, it doesn't get more blatant without Bush holding a press conference where he literally points at the camera and laughs.

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