Friday, July 14, 2006


Boom, Boom, Boom

So, it's all gone to hell. War, or something very much like it, has broken out between Israel and Hezbollah/Hamas. Israel is currently bombing the hell out of Lebanon, and Hezbollah is responding in turn.

Thing is, it's not likely to start here. Already, Drudge is pushing a story that Hezbollah is sending the captured Israeli soldiers to Iran. In other words, all our sabre rattling at Iran-- which seemed to have quited down for five minutes-- might possibly return in full force. And while the US government stands behind Israel (as usual), disturbing rumors are coming out that the Israeli government has told us to mind our own business when Condi asked them to show restraint.

There's a chance this may all clear up soon. But really, I'm not holding out a lot of hope.

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