Saturday, July 01, 2006


FOX News: Your Official Voice For Big Brother

You'll be glad to know that FOX News has cast aside any pretentions of being anything other than this administration's Pravda:

HILL: What about -- in the past, we have had, at times, an Office of Censorship, where people review what is about -- is something that was -- it's going to be big, you've got to run it through and say, "OK. Does this hurt our country or is it of, you know, news value?

"And y'know, it needs a good name. Something that inspires trust... how does 'Ministry of Truth' sound?"

I know that is very unlikely that any men or women of the press are reading this blog, but I speak to you now. These people want to eat you alive. The administration, the pundits, the so-called "journalists" who are all in favor of sending the editor of the New York Times to the gas chamber-- they want you neutered, on a leash, and barking at their discretion. And they keep getting heard. Don't tell Ann Coulter that "it's always good having you" when she calls her earlier "jokes" about bombing the New York Times "prescient". Don't give Melanie Morgan a space to blather when she thinks that you should be sent to the Ninth Circle for reporting a story that has already been made public. If they want to see you made to say what the government wants you to say, then for God's sake, speak for yourselves and say "no".

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